Snježana Vidović

Snježana Vidović is a Croatian artist. She works as a self-employed artist in her atelier in Istria, Croatia.

Snježana was born in 1963 in Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She lived for 20 years in Germany (Munich).

In Munich she learned painting in the atelier of the painter Peter Schermuly (1992- 1999).

Snježana Vidović had exhibitions in Germany, Austria, Italy und USA.


Paint your personal portrait

Ms. Vidović creates your portrait realistically from a photographic template in connection with personal sessions in the studio.

You can acquire a unique and impressive portrait for yourself, your family or friends.

Only selected materials are used for your portrait. First-class oil paints and selected painting cloths guarantee a result that will last forever.

Learn oil painting

You don’t have to be a Rembrandt or Titian to create expressive pictures.

Let your creativity take over your mind and body. Discover the world of oil painting.

In individual training courses, you will learn all the necessary steps to be able to handle the medium of oil safely.

Ms. Vidović arranges individual training dates for adults and children.

Painting course “Painting in Istria”

Ms. Vidović regularly organizes painting courses in Istria, Croatia. The special thing about these painting courses is that you paint outside. So you have the opportunity to explore “Little Tuscany of Croatia” through the painting course.

Commissioned work

Design your home walls, business or event rooms in a completely different way.

In a personal conversation you will implement your creative design ideas with the artist.

Ms. Vidović is your contact for:


Wall painting
Order images in small or large format

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